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     Thanks to several decades of ongoing research and development there are now several ways to heat your home. Now with every home's unique specifications (such as layout and insulation) come with it's own most efficient solution. It is recommended to have Ryan, our co-owner and installer come in and give your home a free evaluation. He has nearly a decade of experience in the field and can help you choose an option that works for both your home and your budget!

     We have put together some information on this page for you to read and help familiarize yourself with some of the options available. During your in-home evaluation, Ryan will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. 


There are different types of furnaces to choose from:


Single-stage gas furnaces operate on full capacity when the thermostat calls for heat and stays at this capacity until the thermostat is at the set temperature. These furnace types offer the most affordable as an initial purchase. However they have a higher operating cost than a two-stage or modulating furnace. 

Our most popular single-stage furnace that we install is the Keeprite G9MXE* Series at 96% efficiency with an ECM blower motor. 

*This product has a 1 year No Hassle Replacement limited warranty and a 10 year parts limited warranty.


Two-stage gas furnaces feature two burners that provide two different levels of heat capacity. On the lower level, it will run at only 65% capacity compared to the single-stage at a constant 100%. With the longer heat-cycle it provides a more comfortable and even heat throughout the house. This will result in a much lower fuel consumption by running on low an average of 80% of the day. The higher level will run if the outdoor temperatures drop quickly or the set temperature is increased. An extra benefit to this type of furnace is that due to the more frequent and longer cycles it filters the air more often than the single-stage.

Our most popular two-stage furnace that we install is the Keeprite G9MVE** Series  at 96% efficiency with an ECM blower motor.

**This product has a 10 year No Hassle Replacement limited warranty and a 10 year parts limited warranty.


The Modulating gas furnaces are quite similar to the two-stage as it primarily runs on a lower, more efficient level than the basic option. The difference in this one though is that it can run as low as 40% efficiency which provides even more efficient operating costs. This type of furnace takes the meaning of staged heating to a whole new level. Temperatures throughout the home are very balanced due to longer heating cycles and temperature is often maintained within a half of a degree. Although these have a higher initial cost, they certainly do provide the greatest efficiency, lowest operating cost and the most comfort. 

Our most popular modulating furnace is the Keeprite G9MAE*** Series at 97% efficiency with an ECM blower motor. 

***This product has a 10 year No Hassle Replacement limited warranty and a 10 year parts limited warranty.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps work for both the heating and cooling of your home. Their function is to move the air from inside and outside your home or office to meet the temperature that's expected.

In the winter months it pulls air from the outdoors and converts the energy into hot air to warm the inside. In the summer months it pulls out the warm air from the inside to the outside and pulls air from the outside through refrigerant to cool the inside. 

Due to Heat Pumps converting cooler and warmer temperatures instead of producing them (such as a furnace or air conditioner) it's operating costs are not high. However, with temperatures dropping to zero or below it doesn't provide as much heat as efficiently as furnaces. 


*Heat Pumps and Furnaces together can combo as a hybrid heat solution. The Heat Pump can provide the heat (and cooling) when the outdoor temperatures are moderate, and the Furnace will provide the heat when the outdoor temperatures drop significantly. 

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