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Home ownership can be pricey. That's why we have promotions running to try and help alleviate some of those expenses for our customers. 

Special Offer!

Annual Maintenance checks are 10% off until March 31, 2024

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We are now offering our customers monthly payment plans for jobs greater than $1,000!  

  • 15 years at 11.95 % interest. Interest rate subject to change. 

  • Fully open loan which means you can pay it off sooner and save interest. 

  • Online applications and response rate is instant. No waiting to hear for approval. 


Quotes sent from our office that exceed the minimum $1,000.00 will now have the available monthly payment option listed. Subject to credit approval.  

Message or call us today for a free quote 

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We will always give you our best offer. One of the ways we can ensure a smooth, timely and efficient experience is by using our own equipment, and our sales team working with our brand partners. We appreciate customers using their own time and money to purchase equipment, however it has proved countless times to delay the completion of your project with missing or faulty parts, or incompatible technology. 


Effective December 2022, we will no longer be installing any heating type of unit that is customer-supplied.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The units we primarily install are ones we are trained in as well as have access to any technical or warranty. We have different brand options as well as different quality options to choose from at affordable rates.

We appreciate your understanding,

Kandace and Ryan Kooy

Directors at Hughes Lake Heating Inc

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