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We will come in and give your home a free evaluation to find the right heating system for your home. Ryan has a decade of experience in the field and can help you choose an option that works for both your home and your budget!

Stage Options


Single-stage gas furnaces operate on full capacity when the thermostat calls for heat and stays at this capacity until the thermostat is at the set temperature. These furnace types offer the most affordable as an initial purchase. However they have a higher operating cost than a two-stage or modulating furnace.  


Two-stage gas furnaces feature two burners that provide two different levels of heat capacity. An extra benefit to this type of furnace is that due to the more frequent and longer cycles it filters the air more often than the single-stage. 


The Modulating gas furnaces are quite similar to the two-stage as it primarily runs on a lower, more efficient level than the basic option.  Temperatures throughout the home are very balanced due to longer heating cycles and temperature is often maintained within a half of a degree. Although these have a higher initial cost, they certainly do provide the greatest efficiency, lowest operating cost and the most comfort.  


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